Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Perfect Muslim Child ~ Salam, The Word of Kindness

Salam, The Word of Kindness

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) was sitting one day with his Companions and they were talking together. 

A person came in without asking permission and didn't even Offer his salam. 

"Why didn't you say salam?" questioned the Prophet.

"Why didn't you ask permission to come in?!" 

"Go back. Ask our permission and greet us with your salam before you come in, he instructed. Regarding salams. the Holy Prophet has told us: 

"O Muslims! you will not enter Paradise unless you are kind to each other. unless you warmly say salam to each other whenever you meet. 

"Always say saIam in a loud voice and reply in the same way. 
God loves most the person who says saIam first and gives him better rewards and blessings." 

"First give your salam, then say whatever you have to say.

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