Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ramadhan Qoutes

Ya Allah
There in none worthy of worship but YOU

You Created Me and I am Your Slave,

I Keep Your Covenant and my Pledge to YOU

As far as I am Able.
I Seek Refuge in You From the EVIL
of what I have done.
I admit to Your Blessings upon Me and
I admit to my Misdeeds.
                                                Forgive my SINS

for there is none-who may forgive SINS but YOU ...

Welcome Ramadan
Holy Month of Ramadan Has Arrived among us
So I pray and wish you a blessed Ramadan
with Mercy and forgiveness of Almighty Allah
May Allah help us to do lots of good deeds
And also keep us away from Evil in our whole life.

What A Night, One wakes Another,
No Night could be better & No Gift could be better than a guide,
For The Journey Of Life, It Is Recommended To Spend A Part Of The Nights In Prayers..
“Seekers are Winners, Sleepers are Losers”

It is the month when the devils are chained,
The gates of hell are closed & those of Paradise are opened,
It is the month the holy Prophet used to Pray to witness,
It is The Blessed Month Of Ramadhan.
May God shower his blessings &
Grant You forgiveness in this holy month.
Happy Ramadhan

Memories of moments celebrated together
Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever
Make me miss you even more this Ramadan
Hope this Ramadan brings in Good Fortune and Abounding Happiness for you.
Happy Ramadan

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