Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are Good and Bad the Same?

Are Good and Bad the Same? 

We all understand the meaning of good and bad, and it is easy to distinguish a good person from a bad one. A good person has good manners, good behavior, is honest and truthful, loves justice and is polite and trustworthy.

But a bad person has bad manners and bad behavior, tells lies and bullies. Other people, and is impolite and deceitful. Do you think that good and bad people are the same? Like most people you probably like good people, and don't like bad ones. Allah loves the people who do good, and He hates the people who do wrong. For this reason He has sent His prophets to tell the people to do good deeds and stop doing bad deeds. 

Now, answer these questions. 

(1) Will Allah reward the people who do good deeds? 
(2) Will He punish the people who do bad deeds? 

(3) Is it in this world that good people are rewarded? 
(4) Is it in this world that bad people are punished? 
(5) Where do people receive the recompense of their actions? 

Allah has another world that we call the Hereafter. In that world the good people are separated from the bad ones and each group receives the recompense of its actions. 

If there was no Hereafter, good people would have no motive and reason to perform good deeds, and no motive to refrain from bad deeds. 

If there was no Hereafter, the call of the prophets would be futile and pointless. Good and bad would have no real meaning. 

If there was no Hereafter, our lives would be of no use and our creation would be purposeless. Do you think that Allah has created us just to live in this world for a few days, just to eat and drink, to sleep and to wear clothes, and then to die, with nothing more? 

Do you think that this is all we should live for? And that Allah, Who does nothing in vain, has created us merely for this? In the Qur'an we are told: "Your creation was not in vain, you have been created to live in this world and perform the best kind of deeds, and to strive towards goodness and perfection.

Then, after your life in the world, you will be taken to the Hereafter, where you will receive the result of your deeds." The Hereafter is the place where the good are separated from the bad. The people who have performed acts of goodness in their lives will be allowed into Paradise, where they will live in happiness and bliss. 

Allah is pleased with them, and they too are pleased with the many blessings of Allah. But the bad and irreligious people are sent to Hell, where they receive the punishment for their evil deeds. Allah is angry with them and they live in suffering and pain, and that is the result of their own deeds, and what they deserve. 

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