Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ramadhan Is Coming.. But, Are We Ready For Ramadhan??

Before embarking on a journey, most travellers will prepare for it either physically or mentally. Since Ramadan is just around the corner, here is a quick checklist to better prepare ourselves for this journey of test.....Let's start from head to toe:-

1. Head (Brain)

Are our minds clear on what are we expected or required to do and why?
a. YES. (it's the third pillar of ISLAM and to seek ALLAH's mercy and love).
b. NO.. (check again..!! This is not a joke!).

2. Eyes

Are we ready to even lower our gazes further?..
a. YES.. (Hopefully, our eyes will be "shut" to anything "haram" even more than our normal days)...
b. NO... (please get hold of a blindfold!)..

3. Ears

Are we ready not to listen to anything but only good such AL QURAN recital, religious speeches etc.?
a. YES.. (All radio and television programmes are tuned to ISLAMIC channels).
b. NO... (Earplug anybody?).

4. Mouth

Are we going to blabber unnecessarily?
a. YES.. (Silence is golden applied here).
b. NO... (Allhumdulilah, only Quranic verses will come out from the mouth this Ramadan!..SURE?..TRY no harm trying, Insha'Allah).

5. Heart

Are we doing it for the sake of ALLAH SWT alone or are we doing it to loose weight?..
a. YES... (Only ALLAH will know our true "niat" (our intentions) and feeling).
b. NO.... (Throw that weighing scale, diet manual, exercise machine...clean your heart and focus)..

6. Hands

Are we going to give alms, zakat and be helpful (lending a hand)..?
a. YES.. (Allhumdulilah, make sure what the right hand gives the left hand does not know).
b) NO... (Cut your hand..(KIDDING)..ISLAM is not cruel! Just do not do any harm to others with your hands).

7. Private Part (Sex)

Lets keep this very private..however for those who are married please exercise restrain? Those who are not married ...DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT (period!)..
a. YES.. (Allhumdulilah fasting is not only avoiding eating or drinking but to curb our other lusts too).
b. NO... (I do not know what to say....will chastity belts for both men and women do?)..

8. Legs

Are we going an extra mile to make sure our legs are going to ferry us to and fro the mosque?
a. YES.. (Every step to the mosque is a blessing for us).
b. NO... (get ready the chain..?).

Now if your answers are all YES (except for question 4) then you are ready to embark on this "tough" 30 days journey.....If not please go to your nearest convenient store and do a restocking fast!!

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